Rights of Passengers with Reduced Mobility in V4 Countries

Registration Number: 11420036 (Small Grant, Project category: Scientific exchange, research)

The European Commission’s regulations concerning passenger rights in public transportation are valid many years. Our project team believes that especially the field of rights of passengers with reduced mobility isn´t applied enough.

The goal of the project “Rights of Passengers with Reduced Mobility in V4 Countries” is to analyze and discuss the current situation of legislative and practical consequents for PRM (passenger with reduced mobility – wheelchair users, old people, blind, hearing-impaired people) in each of Visegrad 4 countries.

The project deals with topical problems in the field of rights of PRM. These rights have been determined by the European Parliament’s and the Council’s regulations. Members of the projects team are experts from all V4 countries, mainly academicians from 4 Universities in V4 countries. Thanks to the support of Visegrad Fund the cooperation among these experts and other experts from non-profit organizations in V4 countries will be deepened.

Main idea of the project lies in common international discussion about current state of EU regulation’s application in V4 countries, PRM´s knowledge about theirs rights as well approach of the carriers / authorities / regulators to application of these regulations.

The main output of the project will be international conference where essential results of project and the questionnaire among PRM and other problems of PRM´s travelling will be presented. An important part of the project is visiting partner universities and non-profit organizations. Goal of these visits is preparation and evaluation of survey among PRM, preparation of the conference and common papers for international professional journals. These visits are the essential importance to international cooperation, because they help its deepening among partners.

Expected outputs:
1. Statistical data (from on-line survey among PRM) as basic information about the level of EC regulations application, PRM rights and accessibility level in V4 countries
2. Information about the real state of public transport accessibility (rail, bus, air transport)
3. International conference

New contacts - New ideas - New experience